k e h l s e a


Kehlsea is a Canadian singer/songwriter. Soulful and poetic, her music is a tapestry of dreams, symbolism and life stories. 

Escape With You Tonight (2023) is the most recent single release in collaboration with beatboxer/producer Beatox. With a disco-esque beat and catchy vocals, this tune is an offering of good vibration and an invitation to dance.

dReAmEr, ArE yOu AwAkE (2022) was released on the 21st of December in celebration of the Winter Solstice. It is deeply ruminative, smooth, and features a section of spoken word poetry concerning illusion, personal sovereignty and lucidity.

Cracked Carapace EP (2022) is a collection of soft rock and alternative story songs. Beginning with Pulled Tight Elastic, a quick rock tune about smashing limitations and the 80’s-esque power ballad Move The Mountain, the whole EP is an expression of the cycles of growth.

l i t t l e b i r d (2021) is a jovial little tune that speaks of gratitude for this present moment. The light and layered vocals, bouncy bass and keys, and field recorded bird calls are a sure reminder.

Floating Under Water (2020) and Symptoms (2020) are her two debut singles. Both dreamy and reflective, the voice is accompanied by a sparse jazz trio.

She collaborated with band Jaywood on three tracks of their debut Indie album Time (2019).